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who are we

who are we

Golf Imperium is the only premium online golf community created to fulfil the training needs of disabled golfers worldwide.

What we do

By offering a modest membership fee linked to an exclusive and individual free Hole-In-One insurance, Golf Imperium wants to become the biggest online golfers community while supporting disabled golfers.

By continuously improving our website to meet all of our members’ needs is the perfect win-win proposition. Become a member and get your Hole-In-One insurance for free.

Golf Imperium will become a unique platform, a crossroads where golfers of all ages can match up perfectly.

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The Golf Imperium’s Transparency Philosophy

“Golf Imperium” is an online golf trading platform. Up to 30% of our members’ contributions are completely invested in helping players with physical and/or mental restrictions, whether they have started to play or are already on the course.

“Golf Imperium’s” philosophy is that all the earnings for this support will be displayed online at all times. The primary contributor(s) in each semester, assisted by a PGA golf professional, will be invited to indicate a golf initiative to be sponsored. Other earnings will be invested in renewing and refreshing the “Golf Imperium” website. By doing this, this site will become a nice place to visit.

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